BULLETT Exclusive: Watch the Girls of Surfbort Puke on Donald Trump’s Stupid Face in their New Video for ‘TRASH’


BULLETT Exclusive: Watch the Girls of Surfbort Puke on Donald Trump’s Stupid Face in their New Video for ‘TRASH’


Surely you’ve dreamt of vomiting on Donald Trump’s stupid face, which is but one reason why you’ll fall hard for New York-based noise-punk outfit Surfbort and their new video for their angsty anthem “TRASH.” The holy moment doesn’t come until the very end, but fear not for the interim offers found footage of a bottled water plant, chain-smoking and a super chill dog named Grizzly.

Made up of Dani Miller (vocals), Charlotte Wemberley (guitar), Matt Picola (guitar) and SS Powell (drums), Surfbort has perfected the enviable art of not giving a fuck while simultaneously giving some (or perhaps even many?) fucks. That is to say that beneath their devil-may-care exterior – exemplified by their raucous performances – there are infectious tunes with clever, albeit hastily conceived, lyrics.

These resplendent weirdos offer the following by way of an origin story, which we’ll choose to believe because it is flawless:

“Dani and Matty met under a bridge in SF and drove to NYC with no prospects or hope in the world and also a cat and no AC and also to escape an evil drug lord and then they met Charlotte at a Lana Del Rey concert where she knew all the words and then we found Sean in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic. The band started in the slush filled streets of Brooklyn in the dead of winter about a year ago when our friends together PANGEA were on tour and crashed at our house. We woke up and there was a condom on the living room floor with no cum in it and that inspired Matty to write the song “Condom with no Cum.” A bunch of other shit happened then our friend Chandler got us our first house show with Sunflower Bean and la la la bam, Surfbort aborted into the universe! The name Surfbort comes from a Pentagram song called “Drunk in Love” that was subsequently covered and made popular by the queen Beyoncé.”

The video was shot on a shitty phone by Miller’s sister Alex in the band’s “creepy house.” There they practice, screen print stuff (for example, this fitting “Trump is my Sex Slave” T) and, in some cases, live. Grizzly lives there, too.

“We all got extremely sick for weeks and all shared a death cough so it was a pretty easy concept of tripping down the street coughing up phlegm and dropping trash. I also mixed in some old New York trash footage. There are snippets of our friend Cici pretending to be a yuppie in Williamsburg text-walking that can be considered trash too. A lot of our songs reflect all the bullshit people have to deal with given our current police state and delusional government. But at the same time we also laugh and find humor in the trash and over bred baby filled streets around us. We don’t have a solid meaning about everything we do – our takes on the world are always evolving as we learn new things. We’re in this shithole together, guys, let’s all hangout!”

Dani, who wrote the lyrics while Matt (who wrote the music) was on a Bodega sandwich run adds that the song is about, “The end of the world and how no one including myself is really doing enough for the environment.” She adds: “The lyrics, ‘I don’t want to reduce and recycle, I just want to keep having take out with Michael,’ accurately describe everyone’s need for comfort over anything else. People care more about extra napkins on their Seamless order to dab off their saucy grease lips than reducing their carbon footstep.”

And while it may or may not succeed in convincing you to click the “friend of the environment” checkbox on Seamless, at the end of the day, “TRASH” will undoubtedly leave you asking one simple question: Who the fuck is Michael and when is he free for a beer?

Surfbort’s self-titled 7″ is out January 20th on Slope records (recorded by Sol and Aaron). It’s available for preorder here. Oh and if you live in NYC, be sure to check them out at Palisades in Brooklyn on January 8th alongside So Pitted, Lordo and Squad Car – you shan’t regret it.