July 13, 2012

At the outset, The Canyons seemed (and still kind of seems) destined to be one of those movies that no one will ever see until it ends up on one of the Encore channels at 2am 10 years from now, solely for the purpose of slightly weirding out whoever’s awake at the time. Sure, director Paul Schrader has a solid filmography, and besides being a Twitter eccentric there’s no reason to think that screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis won’t be an asset to the production, but there’s also the matter of the movie’s stars. One of them is porn star James Deen (who actually seems to be a pretty professional dude according to this profile in GQ), and way more problematic is Lindsay Lohan, who can’t seem to land a film role without embroiling herself in some kind of scandal at the same time.

However, there’s a nice spot of stability in the film’s talent as well; according to the Playlist, Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning has been tapped to score the movie. There’s nothing particularly strange about this news, seeing as Broken Social Scene gets an amount of film scoring work that’s definitely high for big indie rock acts (the group has scored The Tracey FragmentsSnow Cake, and Trigger, not to mention the Broken Social Scene concert movie, This Movie is Broken), but it definitely goes some distance in making what initially seemed like a madcap adventure (Kickstarter’s where madcap adventures start in the 21st century right?), look more like a real honest-to-God movie.

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