September 6, 2012

There is literally nothing Bret Easton Ellis wouldn’t make fun of on Twitter, because he seems to pride himself on being the cattiest, instigating-est dude alive. So it really isn’t a surprise that he took to his account in the wee hours of the morning to go on a massive anti-David Foster Wallace screed, lambasting the deceased writer as “tedious,” “pretentious,” and “overrated.” (Clearly, he didn’t read Imperial Bedrooms. *snaps fingers*) The sight of such a provocateur slamming such a sacred cow will undoubtedly force many University of Chicago graduate students to their blogs, but let’s not discount the simpler explanation of sour grapes: Ellis hit his commercial peak before I was born, whereas DFW was standing on hallowed ground even before his 2008 suicide cemented him in the modern canon. You can judge the saltiness for yourself below:

Reading D.T. Max’s bio of DFW and OMG is the solemnity of the David Foster Wallace myth on a purely literary level borderline sickening…

Anyone who finds David Foster Wallace a literary genius has got to be included in the Literary Doucebag-Fools Pantheon…

Saint David Foster Wallace: a generation trying to read him feels smart about themselves which is part of the whole bullshit package.

Reading D.T. Max’s bio I continue to find David Foster Wallace the most tedious, overrated, tortured, pretentious writer of my generation…

David Foster Wallace was so needy, so conservative, so in need of fans–that I find the halo of sentimentality surrounding him embarrassing.

DFW is the best example of a contemporary male writer lusting for a kind of awful greatness that he simply wasn’t able to achieve. A fraud.

It’s also worth pointing out that DFW had previously offered a sober takedown of Ellis, calling his work “mean, shallow and stupid.” But while this is just continuation of a previous beef, it’s like, way to pick up a feud after one side has died, man.

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