December 13, 2012

You remember college, right? Assuming you went for some kind of liberal arts degree—which, duh, what else is there—you remember how it involved a lot of farting and fucking around, punctuated with stoned trips to the dining hall, ironic movie marathons, last calls at terrible university bars and so forth. For everyone who wasn’t preoccupied with or capable of finding permanent employment after graduation—sadly, the majority of students in this post-boomer economy—there were plenty of hours to engage in the type of silliness that wouldn’t float in the real world, with bills to pay and loans to settle.

So I’ve got to conclude that the progenitor of this prank had to be a student, because who else would have the time? On Wednesday, the University of Chicago Admissions department got a package in the mail that was addressed to a “Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr.”—innocent enough until some movie buff realized that’s the real life name of none other than Indiana Jones, the movie icon. The package itself contained a collection of Jones iconography, including a replicated journal from Raiders of the Lost Ark, photos of his on-screen loves and other bits of extremely detailed ephemera, with no clue as to the real sender’s identity. Sending a package like this could only end with one result: a lot of Internet chattering, which seems like such a small payoff for so much work. (Seriously, check out the detailing.) It’s a goofy thing, and the university has even set up a specific email address dedicated to receiving tips about who might’ve sent the package. But hey, job well done, anonymous prankster and good luck with the job hunt; maybe you can get a job at Disney World.

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