January 30, 2013

One question I often ask when I’m interviewing musicians is whether their songs conjure any attendant visual landscapes in their mind as they’re writing them. Usually the answer is no, because musicians are dumb.

I would have been particularly interested to hear what British producer Bonobo was envisioning while working on this brilliant new downtempo track (that gradual build, and subtle emphasis on the snare at 1:55), or even have had a chance to populate an entire imagined world myself while spacing out to it, but it’s too late for that now, because the accompanying video, from UK animator Cyriak, has blasted out the insides of my brain. It’s like when you see a filmed version of a book you’re reading and you lose your concept of what you thought the characters looked like while you were reading to the tyranny of the cinematic representation. In this case I’m ultimately glad for it, though. Cyriak’s sideways American iconography is a lot weirder than anything I would’ve dreamed up; the only people dumber than musicians are music writers.

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