Bodega Girls Are Thankful For Everything Great About America In New Video


Bodega Girls Are Thankful For Everything Great About America In New Video



“Surf’s Up America” by Bodega Girls is a love letter to America that features shout outs to so many things that make this great land of ours awesome it’s almost hard to keep track. Everything from Biggie and Kurt Cobain, to Detroit and John Voight. The song, recorded for Converse’s Rubber Tracks series, was produced by Foster the People’s Isom Innis and features guitar from Anthony Rossomando of The Libertines and Klaxons.  The video, directed by Nick P Curran, leans on some pretty iconic American imagery as well. Watch it below. I chatted with the band’s Evan Kenney to see why he picked who got a surf’s up in the song.

Ok, America. What’s up with America?

America is the shit. Love it or Leave it. Any country that the O.G. version Hulk Hogan endorses, I’ll take it.

Detroit? I imagine that’s a musical shout out and not, you know, a burnt out husk of a city shout out

Home of the greatest music to come out of America, also had a Possum Burger there once.

Croatia? Man, I don’t know shit about Croatia. Didn’t Bill Clinton fuck them up in the 90s?

I worked with a family of Croatians at a coffee shop in college, they were some of the most beautiful, spirited people I had ever met. They loved The Clash and they loved to party. Yeah, pretty sure Clinton bombed them at some point.

Notice you didn’t surf up Bill Clinton here. Seems like kind of a lame oversight.

That is understood. Bill Clinton was our first black president, Slick Willy is an O.G.

John Voight? Isn’t that dude kind of a shit heel now?

In the case of Johnny V., Midnight Cowboy & Deliverance. I think he was in Baby Geniuses as well.

Biggie and Kurt Cobain are kind of self explanatory. Who’s that next dude? Field Commander who now? 

That’s Leonard Cohen. My favorite Cohen record.

Yeah, I knew that. *pulls collar* Just testing you. Also, why did Lil Wayne get edited out there like it’s a swear?

I think it was a legal thing. It’s all cool, some people are just allergic to shout-outs I guess.

What’s Galaxy? Viva Viva is rad, no doubt. Those dudes did a Converse thing too, right?

Galaxy is the best jam by War. Yes, Viva Viva are kings

Bad Brains, Huey Newton and the Baldwins? What do all those things have in common?

I wanted to give a shout out to the Baldwins, but those bros are so wishy-washy. Did I give a shout out to Alec Baldwin, Or the brother from Backdraft?

I think you did.

Oh fuck.

Do you think Kurt Cobain ever punched a dude out? Didn’t he almost fight Axl Rose once?

I had this VHS where Kurt gets his ass slammed by a security guard and Dave Grohl steps in. I would love to have seen Axl vs. Kurt. My money was on Axl though. Or when Vince Neil was going to fight Kurt…

If you had to live in a world with no Guns N Roses or no Nirvana what would it be?

Fuck, dude. That is seriously the hardest question, because that is like, two dudes… I have to say goodbye to G n’ R because the Spaghetti Incident sucked so bad and Nirvana was so killer. I still listen to Nirvana, I only do karaoke to Guns. But I did meet Duff one time and the dude was the King.

Who else is in here that we didn’t cover. This is getting a little long I guess.

Didn’t I Surf’s Up Boutros Boutros Ghali? Fuck, that should have been my lead-in. Or at least Sinbad.

Total diss to Sinbad. You blew it.

Sinbad doesn’t get enough love. That McDonald’s milkshake bit? Priceless.



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