February 22, 2013

With Kurt Cobain’s birthday earlier this week, there was a lot of ruminating online about what he might have been up to by now had he lived. What might have been, we’ll never know. At least it wasn’t this, though. Billy Corgan — who, oh my god, have you listened to Siamese Dream lately? That was a good record — apparently has a stake in a professional wrestling production called Resistance Pro. He bonded over his love of wrestling with one of the owners of Walter E. Smithe, a Chicago area furniture store, and the rest, they say, is cinema history. (h/t With Leather)

All in all, the clip is just some goofy good fun, so we’re not giving Corgan too much crap for it (there’s plenty else to pick on). “I can honestly say that if it had been anybody else in the country outside of Chicago … I probably wouldn’t have done it,” Corgan said Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune reported. “(And because) the commercial’s obviously very focused on the Chicago market.” The company donated $50,000 to PAWS Chicago for his participation.

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