November 20, 2012

There is, of course, an actual account of how Big Boi and Kate Bush eventually came to talk about the possibility of collaborating together, should one be as diligent as to simply Google for the answer. I’d rather imagine that Big Boi whispered her name three times while laying hands on a copy of Hounds of Love, and that like a resplendent wood faun, she emerged from some secret door in the fabric of reality, holding a golden bough and ready to sing a hook. Anyway: The burgeoning friendship between the two hasn’t yet produced a product we’re able to listen to, but in an interview with Pitchfork, Big Boi discussed how soon that might happen.

It’s coming, man. I talked to her on the phone. She’s cool as hell– I didn’t know she said that many cuss words. I sent her a couple records, too, and she loved them. But I had a deadline at the time, and she was just getting her son into school. She wanted me to come to her, so I have to go to London. We just want to hang out for a while and vibe first. I didn’t want to rush it. But she could’ve been on a couple songs from this album– singing, playing, co-producing, whatever she wanted to do, I don’t give a fuck.

We don’t give a fuck, either. We just want to know it’s real.

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