January 22, 2013

Remember how excited and full of hope we were yesterday during the inauguration? And how the magic of the pageantry was capped off by a stunning rendition of the National Anthem by mellismatician in chief Beyoncé? Remember the Twitter jokes?

The joy we all felt! This, we thought, this is an example of something that is good and real. We have so few of those anymore, we thought. Talent wins out in the end, we thought. I remember it well. “Starting in a lofty octave, and eventually removing her earpiece, the former Destiny’s Child singer gave a suave, evocative rendition of a notoriously difficult tune — not quite Whitney-Houston-in-1991 levels of superlativeness, perhaps, but definitely part of the same conversation,” lauded Spin. “Beyonce rips out earpiece, nails national anthem anyway,” shouted MSN.

“Beyoncé, President of the United Beyoncés, Rips Out Earpiece Mid-Song and Still Delivers Flawless Performance,” trumpeted Gawker.

There’s a reason why it was so flawless: that shit was as canned and phony as an inauguration speech claiming that “a decade of war is now ending.”  As the Washingtonian reported, and the London Times confirmed, it was all a big fat lie. Nothing is real.

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