Cultural Commentator

The Best Soups, Corrected

Cultural Commentator

The Best Soups, Corrected


The Awl is a very fine and good website that we enjoy reading regularly. Occasionally they do something very, very bad, like this list today of the best soups ranked in order. Aside from putting chicken and gumbo near the top, and cream of anything toward the bottom, it is, to use a culinary term, all fucked up. Here instead is the proper ranking of soups. This will be the final word on the matter. Good day.

1 chicken noodle

2 beef stew

3 gumbo

4 chicken and rice

5 dumpling soup

6 corn chowder

7 ramen

8 tortilla 

9 minestrone

10 normal and good clam chowder

11 lentil

12 pho

13 mulligatawny

14 potato 

15 beef barley

16 wonton

17 black bean

18 white bean

19 egg drop

20 tomato

21 hot and sour

22 miso

23 matzah ball

24 Bouillabaisse

25 egg lemon

26 squash/sweet potato et al

27 broccoli cheese

28 bisques, any

29 split pea

30 french onion

31 gazpacho

32 borscht

500 piss and shit soup

501 manhattan clam chowder