Bernhard Willhelm Crafts Armor for the End of the World


Bernhard Willhelm Crafts Armor for the End of the World


Photography: Alcibiade Cohen

Styling: Iris Gonzales

Hair: Quentin Guyen

Makeup: Emilie Peltier

Models: Fatou D (Contrebande) & Daria Anisimova (Mademoiselle)

Shoes: Bernhard Willhelm & Camper

“Maybe fashion is the last adventure of humanity,” sighs Bernhard Willhelm, reflecting on his role during these unstable times. That’s the ethos behind the designer’s Fall ’17 collection—part foreboding, part optimistic, as if preparing for not just the apocalypse, but after. Inspired by “Chinese zen” and the current cultural climate, Willhelm’s handcrafted collection isn’t just fashion—it’s armor that teaches you how to survive.

Featuring spray-paint graphics that highlight global warming and “more black than usual,” the collection, at times, feels daunting. But furry slides, bright yellows and experimental shapes keep the designs fresh and modern. Willhelm is a true renegade — his clothes speak to far more than just what’s current. With each season, the designer reinvents silhouette while always maintaining the brand’s essence of rebellion. This collection is no different—if anything, it’s his most radical protest. Bernhard Willhelm AW ’17 is not only a subversive political commentary—it’s a solution.

View our exclusive take on the collection, above.