Behold, a Treasure Trove of Chris Pratt Yearbook Photos

Behold, a Treasure Trove of Chris Pratt Yearbook Photos


Fuck it. I’m all in on Chris Pratt. I wrote about him yesterday and I’ll be damned if I didn’t write about him today. Also, I’m applying to Pratt so I can go to a school that has the same name as my new god. Anyway, a Reddit user who was blessed enough to go the same high school as Chris Pratt uploaded some high school year book photos of the Guardians of the Galaxy star, and like all things Pratt, they’re both familiar and extraordinary.

Pratt, who went to Lake Stevens High School in Washington (go Vikings!), was on the wrestling team and was voted class clown, which is just about the most Chris Pratt-ian combination of things you could be. Everyone knows that once your yearbook photos hit the web and become a thing, it’s a tell-tale sign that you’re no longer your own person and that you belong to us now. So congratulations, Chris Pratt. We own you. 


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