November 28, 2012

I feel a little bit bad for The Plastics Revolution, who’ve written a very pleasant folky-poppy song called “Invasión” that sounds equally cribbed from both Mumford & Sons and a particularly inspiring Apple commercial. But after all, they’re the ones who’ve billed the music video for said song as the first to ever be filmed using Instagram, meaning their song is mainly going to get promotion via headlines like the one seen above. While we’d never be so craven as to solely post something because it sounds “interesting” (did I mention that the song is pleasant, for all of its influences?), I’ll cop to clicking through because I was intrigued to see how hundreds of still frames —1,095 of them, to be exact—could be woven together for a coherent narrative. A coherent if basic boy-meets-girl-meets-world narrative it is! It’s got that Instagrammy gauze of nostalgia wiped all over it, and could function as a commercial for the ubiquitous service by itself. (Enterprising song licensers everywhere looking for a quick bargain, get on it.) Sorry for the transparent hook, but you can’t say you’re not interested. As an intrepid BuzzFeed commenter notes, “Well, that certainly is an important milestone. Remember where you were on this date.” I think I detect a hint of sarcasm; the song is nice, I mentioned?

Invasión – The Plastics Revolution (Video oficial/Official Music Video) from The Plastics Revolution on Vimeo.

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