Behind The Seams: Palomo Spain Reinvents Menswear


Behind The Seams: Palomo Spain Reinvents Menswear


Photography: Christopher McCrory

Styling: Soraya Jasmin

Grooming: Elías Pedrosa

Models: Diego, Claudio & Alexander (Uno)

Over the last three seasons, Palomo Spain has completely reinvented menswear. Instead of the traditional suit and tie, designer Alejandro Palomo has continuously sent luxe dresses, thigh-high boots and delicate fabrics down the runway. In his campaigns, the Cordoban designer has celebrated love and homosexuality, showcasing intimate moments between the boys that inspire his work. With this refreshing take on masculinity, the brand has been hailed as a post-gender barrier-breaker leading the industry out of its heteronormative roles. But for Alejandro, Palomo Spain has nothing to do with politics—he’s only intent on making beautiful clothes.

With his latest collection, Palomo delivers a romantic range of elegant evening-wear that explores the complex power dynamics of love and sex. From flowing whites to embroidered lace, Objeto Sexual redefines men’s fashion, whether Alejandro means to or not. And that’s exactly why it’s radical. In a time of forced diversity and racial quotas, Palomo Spain is unequivocally authentic in it’s approach.

BULLETT caught up with the brand to learn more about the latest collection. Read our interview with the designer, and view an exclusive editorial, above.

Tell me about your latest collection.

Objeto Sexual was really the idea of creating a sexual desire for the clothes. We wanted to go a bit further, and harness the power that sexual objects have in our day. Like we can see on Instagram—the more you show, the more likes you get. This whole feeling that sex sells—I wanted to get into that mood and see how true that is. With sex really comes power—that’s why people use it to get what they want. So, I wanted to explore that.

What’s your process for designing a collection?

I create a story, and then I create the characters in that story—what would they say about fashion? In this collection, there’s one that’s more masculine—more related to menswear coats and tailored pieces—and the other character was a prostitute. That became more over-the-top tulle, sexy. Then there was the pimp, and of course, the power of virginity that runs through the whole thing.

Obviously, Palomo has been widely recognized for its refusal to conform to traditional menswear. Was that conscious decision?

It was just a very organic process—I didn’t intentionally try to change it from traditional menswear. I was just observing how me and my friends dress, how we approach fashion without any sort of prejudice or rules like, this is womenswear or this is menswear. I started to wear Chanel pieces because I felt comfortable more comfortable in them than I did in a suit. So it was more about answering to the necessity of being a man who wants to wear beautiful clothes.

Describe Palomo Spain in three words.

Decadent, elegant, and…necessary.

What do you want people to take away from your clothes?

Palomo is about creating a collectible brand—about building confidence with the customer who appreciates quality and design over trends. The pieces are going to last forever. So I want to create a brand where you’re not just buying clothes—you’re collecting them.

What is your role as a fashion designer?

It feels like I’ve started this little movement because a lot of people identify with our work. As men, we can dress however we want. And with Palomo, there’s no questioning that.