Behind The Seams: BARRAGÁN is the Cynical Outsider Label Shaking Up the Mainstream


Behind The Seams: BARRAGÁN is the Cynical Outsider Label Shaking Up the Mainstream


Photography: Mikey Asanin

Creative Direction: Alexandra Weiss

Videography: James J. Robinson

Styling: Nan Nista Permpoon

Hair: Junya Nakashima

Makeup: Christyna Kay

Model: Saida (Wilhelmina)

In the last year, Victor Barragán has gone from a relatively unknown, underground fashion visionary, to fashion’s favorite rebel. With his gender fluid brand, BARRAGÁN, the Mexico City native crafts classic clothes with a subversive twist, effortlessly fusing ’90s pop culture references with luxury fabrics and boundary-breaking shapes. And even though it’s incredibly rare for what’s actually cool to line up with what’s being praised, for once, the fashion industry got it right: BARRAGÁN is that hard-to-find mix of innovation and taste—cynical yet sweet, feminine, but with a tough edge.

Through his latest collection, Victor embraces the more wearable side of BARRAGÁN. But rebellion is crucial to the brand’s DNA. With sheer skirts and velvet bodysuits, the designer rejects seasonal rules and gendered fashion, creating his own idea of what works for his customers, and it’s not based on money or trends. While other brands bow to the inevitable takeover of graphic tees and fast fashion, BARRAGÁN remains unapologetic. And in a world of filters and air-brushed selfies, nothing’s more authentic than that.

BULLETT caught up with the designer to talk politics and praise. View our exclusive editorial and read the interview, below.


How would you describe BARRAGÁN in three words?

Sassy, sassy, sassy.

What inspired your latest collection?

A hot winter—so many pieces are sheer. And I was listening to a lot of Luis Miguel. We played his song, “Te Necesito,” for two hours during the presentation, just to drive everyone crazy with this cheesy elevator song.

How do you think the brand has changed since your first collection?

I want the brand to grow, but only on my terms—slowly and securely.

BARRAGÁN has been praised for crafting gender neutral clothing. Is that intentional?

Gender is just not part of my design process—I design for anyone that appreciates the freedom in our clothes. And I want people to express themselves—anything can be a garment.

Do you think fashion has to be overtly political?

Fashion tells the story of what’s happening around us—even if you’re not saying anything specifically about politics, it’s there. We just want to include diversity of every kind in our work, as we do with our family and friends.