Baby DJ School Is a Real Thing


Baby DJ School Is a Real Thing


Oh man, have we got some good news for people out there laboring under the old “anyone can make electronic music” bias, because that line of thinking has been brought to its natural, absurdist conclusion with something called Baby DJ School. And you’ll never guess where it is.

Did you guess?

Still thinking?

Okay, it’s in the spaceland magic town of silly dreams that lives inside the hearts of adult-children everywhere, aka Brooklyn. More specifically, the classes, beginning September 18, will be held at Cool Pony in Crown Heights.

Naturally, as you might imagine, the classes have been garnering a lot of are you fucking kidding me? attention in the press this week, most of which you can see here on instructor Natalie Elizabeth Weiss’ site.

A press release explains a bit more:

Through singing, movement and interactive technology, little ones will be introduced to playing and handling records, mixing and matching beats and creating fun and funky samples using modern DJ equipment. Baby DJ School will encourage babies to love dance music and appreciate the way it’s made in a family-friendly, positive environment!

Why should children hear the same nursery songs underscored by the same instruments time and time again? Switch out a guitar for a sampler, a piano for a mixing board and a song about black sheep for a song about back beats, and you have an exciting new musical landscape that both young and old will enjoy.

Yes, both young and old will enjoy this. $200 for 8 weeks actually sounds like kind of a bargain doesn’t it?

The New York Post has some choice quotes, of course:

“It’s a wonderful tool for children to use because it doesn’t require fine motor skill as opposed to playing the flute,” said Childs, 36. “He can’t really draw a perfect circle but he can mix some slicing beats together.”

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying about David Guetta all this time.