November 20, 2012

What’s the German word for when you open a YouTube video and it takes a moment of lag time before your brain recognizes that whatever vodka advertisement soundtrack that starts playing isn’t the actual song you were waiting for? Typically it’s a relief when the song you wanted to hear starts, but, oh man, sadly on this new track from Kate Nash, whose 2007 album Made of Bricks I was smitten with, along with the rest of the world, I kind of wanted to rewind back to the generic dubstep corporate branding opportunity.

The song, “Death Proof,” from her EP of the same name out today, is meant to be a sort of homage to b-movie culture. “I wanted ‘Death Proof’ to have a Tarantino feel,” she explained. “But I also love this movie called Freaks so a lot of the inspiration came from that as well: old Bettie Page pictures, traveling circus people, and freak shows.”

One thing all of those influences have in common that this song does not are a sense of excitement and danger, unless you count sleep-walking through the type of file that would auto-play on an LA martini bar’s Geocities web-site in the late ’90s as dangerous.

Still though, remember that one song “Foundations”? Man, that was a good song.

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