Award-Winning Chef Cormac Mahoney Has Sex on His Mind


Award-Winning Chef Cormac Mahoney Has Sex on His Mind


Cormac Mahoney, whose epicurean creations at Madison Park Conservatory earned him Food and Wine’s 2012 Best New Chef award, prepares meals that inspire lust in his patrons. Here, a dollop of tips from the hunky Seattle-based chef on what to eat to keep things fresh in and out of the bedroom.

The food equivalent of a bad date: A poorly shucked oyster.

The food equivalent of a good date: A perfectly shucked oyster or Pop Rocks.

The best food to eat while listening to “Sexual Healing” on a loop: BBQ.

The best soundtrack to listen to while eating chocolate: John Malkovich reading Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist.

The most seductive use of an otherwise un-seductive ingredient: Irony?

The (edible) ingredients of a lasting relationship: What is this “lasting relationship” you speak of?

The dish most evocative of a one-night stand: Uni nigiri.

The sexual position equivalent of strawberries and champagne: Women masturbating to Clooney, Pitt, and Beckham.

The nonfood equivalent of dulce de leche: Her skin after a day at the beach.

Given as a gift, this food most clearly says, “I want to propagate with you”: Gerber’s puréed carrots.

A food more useful in foreplay than whipped cream: Anything. I have never understood the sexiness of dairy products on skin.

The most monogamous ingredient: Sugar.

The most polyamorous ingredient: Salt.

The definitive breakup meal: Bananas and blow.

If Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) were a meal, it would be: Available only in Vegas or from QVC.