February 8, 2013

NYFW is so over. Next season’s fashion? Boring. How about 500 seasons from now? That’s the stuff on display in Austin dark-synth-wave five piece Feathers new video for their song “Land of the Innocent.” Sorry, not to get all ‘malegaze music blogger’ on you here, but I’ll tell you where the land of the innocent was not, at least while I was watching this video, and that’s inside my man brain.

That sci-fi dystopia and 80s goth damage marriage is precisely the point, as The Guardian explained in a recent piece.

The background: All-girl synth-pop band Feathers sound like the Human League if Joanne and Susan Ann were in charge (which okay, they sort of were). During a recent interview, the four-piece listed their influences, which included everything from from images from The Fifth Element and Bladerunner to an exploration of the Concept of Heaven and a documentary on How the Universe Works. Oh, and some footage of Depeche Mode. What this tells us is that we should expect a band whose science-fictional vision is represented in sound and lyrics.

The song is a propulsive rush through a desert wasteland with interlocking harmonies that sound like the type of thing you’d hear off in the distant mountains before a roving band of hyena-mutants steal up all your shit. Spooky, but still, kind of cool to witness isn’t it?

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