Meet Selena Gomez’s New Costars, the ATL Twins


Meet Selena Gomez’s New Costars, the ATL Twins


Sidney and Thurman Sewell are the world’s biggest oversharers. Known as the ATL Twins, the thugged-out, skateboarding brothers share their Atlanta penthouse, their Range Rover, their women, and even their bed. “People think it’s kind of gay, but it’s not,” they say. “We’re the same person in two bodies, and we always have a bitch around, anyway.” Last fall, after Vice published a highly NSFW interview that delved into their Caligulan lifestyle, many people took notice, including filmmaker Harmony Korine, who wrote them into his new film, Spring Breakers, as identical-twin drug dealers. The movie follows a group of college girls (played by Korine’s wife, Rachel, as well as teen idols Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson) who team up with a dreadlocked, chains-wearing criminal (James Franco) to fund their vacation. From their home in the ATL, they wax poetic about first love, Hollywood success, and tag-teaming hot bitches.

How did you two end up working with Harmony Korine?
After our Vice interview went viral, so many producers and directors were hitting us up, and Harmony was one of them. He lives in Nashville, and we happened to be going there with the rapper Yelawolf to do a photo shoot, so it was a good opportunity for us to meet with him and chop it up face-to-face. The whole time we talked to him, our number one agenda was to get some pussy. That night, we partied our asses off and kept telling Harmony, “Yo, we gotta get some pussy tonight!” He must have thought that was funny, because the next day we woke up to a text message from him asking if we got any pussy.

And did you?
Of course. We fucked this badass Asian chick who was super fuckin’ hot. Harmony was so stoked on that.

Who would you rather get with: Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens?
No offense to Vanessa, because she’s fuckin’ bangin’, but there’s just something about Selena. How about both at the same time, and throw in Ashley Benson, too?

What was it like acting with those tween idols?
Before shooting, Harmony was in L.A. and he was prepping the girls for the movie when he called us randomly and asked us what our Instagram handle was. He said the girls wanted to see it. All of a sudden Selena Gomez got on the phone and was really short and bitchy, but once we got down there, they were all cool as fuck. No offense to them, but they’re all pretty bougy. It’s unfortunate they all have boyfriends.

Were you intimidated by their fame?
We aren’t intimidated by anyone, especially those girls. But it was the first movie we’ve ever done so, we tried to be on our best behavior.

Give us the scoop on James Franco.
Franco’s a fucking G. He was immediately cool as shit. He came on set looking like a scruffy camper. Then he went into a trailer to transform, and two hours later he had his shirt off with these fuckin’ cornrows and all these tattoos. He looked like a fuckin’ inmate. That guy does not miss a fucking beat, and between takes he’d be reading 17th-century theater books.

Did you party with him?
We were like, “Yo, man, you want to smoke a blunt?” And he was like, “Nah, man. I’m sober.”

Who was your first love?
Our first love was this cheerleader chick who was blond, gorgeous, and the most popular girl in school. We took her virginity. We really loved that girl and she loved us, but she was one of those chicks who really cared about what other people thought.

How did both of you take her virginity?
Technically, one of us went first. But as soon as one of us busted a nut, the other one hopped in.

Has one of you been with a girl when the other one wasn’t there?
Maybe for a blowjob or something. We don’t think there’s ever been a girl who we haven’t both fucked.

What advice would you give to a guy who has trouble getting laid?
Be confident and don’t be scared of rejection. If a chick doesn’t want to hook up with you, then fuck ’em. Do you know how many times we holler at girls and they tell us to go fuck ourselves? It’s hit-or-miss, but most people who aren’t getting pussy aren’t swinging the bat. It doesn’t matter what you look like, bro, just be confident. That goes not just for getting pussy, but also for life in general.

What’s a surefire way to get a stripper to come home with you?
We go to strip clubs all the time, and we’re not giving them a dime. If you’re just cool and not some cornball creep, then you’ll find the right girl who likes to hang out and drink and smoke. Girls aren’t that much different than guys—they just aren’t trying to fuck the first night.

What’s your idea of heaven and hell?
Heaven is having the freedom to do what you really want. We’re on our way, but to really achieve true bliss is impossible. Hell is being stuck in the same routine all day, every day.

If you’re not out partying, how do you spend a night?
Rarely are we not doing something. On a chill night, we’ll pop a Xanax and troll the Internet or watch a movie, but we always have to have a chick around. Whether or not we’re fuckin’ them, we need a chick to hang out with. When it’s just us, it feels like we’re alone.