December 4, 2012

Los Angeles artist and designer Ashkahn wants to make you THINK.  He is a man of words, color, and order, at least as far as his typography is concerned, which blends his uncensored yet wise humor with childish abandon. His designs are ironically appropriate—a crude Warholian three-tier burger with the words, “Proud to be American” in handwritten caps, and a one dimensional red heart with a crisp white crack through the center, which reads, “Been There, Done That.”  Beyond t-shirts, greeting cards, and beer cozies, he has created album cover designs for Youngblood Hawke and M83; designed ad campaigns for Coca-Cola and GURU energy drinks; and has done apparel work for Urban Outfitters and Staple Design. With shoulder-length dark hair and baby brown eyes, he looks every bit the roguish youth his designs suggests. Here, he gives BULLETT further insight into his worldview by filling out our patented questionnaire.

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