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Artist Alexander Yulish Wants To Get Inside Your Subconscious

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Artist Alexander Yulish Wants To Get Inside Your Subconscious


“To me, art is about intimacy. I am interested in exploring interior landscapes. I use the brush like a blowtorch to melt away the surface and express what lies below.


Artist and Painter, Alexander Yulish grew up in New York City, in the 80s, in the storied halls of The Chelsea Hotel. He lived with his mother, famed sculptor Barbara Perlman, who with his father inspired Alexander to see the world in a unique and hyper personal way. As an only child, his imagination was fueled by their encouragement to live life in a perpetual state of play and creativity. A state of being that translates into both his adult life and his work. Alexander’s paintings are vibrant, fluid, complex, and a little mad. He feels his works are psychological investigations into the unconscious. His goal is to capture life’s feedback and give it a face on canvas. I caught up with Alexander Yulish in Los Angeles while he prepares to open at the Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills on October 8th.


What is your new work all about?

It’s mostly about where I fit in to this crazy world. It’s filed with an immediacy and urgency. A lot of the paintings are of figures that are an abstract mix of images and feelings that have been burned into my mind by being alive everyday.  But they are not self portraits. A lot of the paintings take place inside confined spaces so there is not much room for the figures and objects to escape to.


What is your process like? 

I paint in the morning and work until about 4pm.  I concentrate best then.  It’s hard to work at night because I loose concentration. I’m overstimulated by the time evening comes.


What is your studio like?

I have two.  For smaller work I have one next to my house.  It’s a small intimate studio with one great sized wall to paint, everything I need is right there.  I have a small sink where I can clean my brushes and one small window which I cover with a blind.  I don’t like natural light when I paint.  Natural light for me changes what colors you see to much on the canvas.  The light is constantly changing and I don’t know what the colors actually look like. I love a more controlled environment.


Where do you find your muse?

From the people I love and the people I don’t.  Everything effects the work, people, the weather, an argument.  I don’t have a muse per say but an emotional dialogue with life.


What is your take on art as expression?

It’s a very intimate thing.  Art has the ability to transcend language.  It smashes barriers and has the ability to change peoples perspectives.


Why is self-expression important?

I love the Oscar Wilde quote.  Just be yourself.. because everyone else is taken..  self expression is yours and only yours.  Use it.  I believe its one a the building blocks to personal growth.


How did being an only child shape who you are?

If I did have a sibling I probably would have drowned it if I had the chance. I loved being an only child but at times could be very lonely when my parents weren’t around.  I have learned from a young age to be self sufficient.  I have always loved spending time alone. Being an only child has given me the ability to not have to depend on others as much.  As much as I love people, I love it when they are not around. That is maybe one reason I paint. People are so inspiring to me, but being able to escape into my own world has shaped who I am down to the core.   I sometimes wish now as I am older that there was a long lost brother my dad never told me about. I would let him live.


What should we expect for your Ace Gallery opening?

A lot of work intimate work on the walls. It is going to be absolutely packed.


Alexander Yulish opens at The Ace Gallery in Los Angeles on October 8th.

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Photography by: Tori Willis