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The Art World is Protesting the Trumps with @Dear_Ivanka

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The Art World is Protesting the Trumps with @Dear_Ivanka


Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard from pretty much everyone around the world, as they list their concerns for a looming Trump presidency. Now, the New York art world has chimed in, this time targeting Ivanka, daughter of the President-elect.

A new Instagram, @dear_ivanka, curated by the Halt Action Group, posts photos of the real estate mogul-turned-fashion designer with captions such as “Dear Ivanka, now that you’ve played the American people for fools and won, can you please tell your dad to grow up?”

Started by artist Jonathan Horowitz and curator Alison Gingeras, the group, and its Instagram, hope to highlight the Trump family’s hypocrisy, while appealing to Ivanka’s more reasonable side. And since the mother of three is a serious art collector, Horowitz and Gingeras hoped some of her favorite artists could actually make a difference.

#dearivanka @marilynminter has a lot to say, you and #jaredkushner visited her studio

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“Ivanka is supposed to represent the kinder more rational side of Trumpism,” said Horowitz, “and she also collects art, so addressing her seemed like an appropriate starting point.”

After the success of @dear_ivanka, the duo decided to continue their efforts IRL. Last night, the Halt Action Group held a candlelight vigil outside of the Puck Building in Nolita. Made famous for its ridiculous parties satirized in Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, the building is currently owned by Ivanka’s husband, Jared. New York artists, including Marilyn Minter and Nate Lowman, whose work Ivanka owns, gathered outside the landmark to appeal to the First Daughter, holding signs like Minter’s, reading “If someone grabs my pussy, is it OK to fart?”

The protest is just the first step in Halt Action’s mission to stop Trump.

“Just showing up matters,” said Horowitz. “It’s important to show the world and one another that what’s going on is not normal, and it’s not OK. […] No one can afford to be silent.”

That is, except the Trumps.