December 11, 2012

When your sister is the pretty popular girl that can do no wrong and who everyone loves your, only choice to stand out is by going in the other direction and becoming the “quirky” “alt” sibling, listening to “hipster” music, and hanging out with boys with dangerous beards and, I don’t know, wearing a different kind of earring or something, I’m not really sure how fashion works. That’s what America’s younger sister Solange Knowles has been doing anyway, and guess what, it’s working based on the hyper-blogiventing coverage of her best-of-list darkhorse “Losing You,” and an outlandish performance on Jimmy Fallon last night.

What was so crazzzzzzy about it? She danced a little side to side step that didn’t look like it was choreographed by fashion boutique mannequin acrobats. She had a cool band (including Dev Hynes, who wrote one of our favorite tracks of the year, Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarassing”)! You know, literally the most basic musicianship concepts. But, again, when your sister is an alien empress from the planet #Swag, sometimes just toning things down a notch is enough to register as groundbreaking.

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