January 4, 2013

Maybe! Maybe is the answer to that question. Although the top 20 slots weren’t all alternating between Community and Arrested Development, so that’s got to be an oversight, and there’s all sorts of black and white, and even worse, British comedies on here, so I’m not sure how this guy calls himself a contemporary content generator.

For real though, it’s a very thoroughly researched list, with lengthy write ups for each entry, so if nothing else this should provide you with a pretty good way to waste the next few thousand hours of your dumb life on Netflix. See the full project here at Robert David Sullivan’s site.

Here are the top 10 (h/t to Uproxx for the link)

10. “The Key,” Yes, Prime Minister (1992)

9. “Lucy Does a TV Commercial,” I Love Lucy (1952)

8. “Pier Pressure,” Arrested Development (2004)

7. “The Letter,” Everybody Loves Raymond (1997)

6. “The Dinner Party,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1973)

5. “Man in a Hurry,” The Andy Griffith Show (1963)

4. “I’ll Be Seeing You,” Cheers (1984)

3. “Edith’s Problem,” All in the Family (1972)

2. “Communication Problems,” Fawlty Towers (1979)

1. “Never Bathe on Saturday,” The Dick Van Dyke Show (1965)

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