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The iPhone 6 Is Here and It Brought Along a Watch

Art & Design

The iPhone 6 Is Here and It Brought Along a Watch


People have been holding their breath for a while now as they gaze down at their iPhone 5, 4, or if you’re a cave person, 3, looking gaunt at 18% battery at 11 a.m. after a full night of charging. But today’s the long-awaited day that Apple announced what the new iPhone(s) have to offer, and techies have been hoping for some pretty key features, including better battery life, thinner design, and the highly expected larger screen.

So here it is.

Apple head Tim Cook just announced in Cupertino this afternoon that his company is releasing two new iPhones: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both are significantly larger than the previous iPhone 5 models and seem to answer the frustrated wishes of iPhone users everywhere, while also making it difficult for main competitor Samsung to use their larger displays as a key selling point. The screen is not only much bigger but also thinner than the 5, with the 6 at 6.8mm thin and 6 Plus 7.1mm (the 5S is 7.6), with 185% more pixels on the 6 Plus as compared to the 5S. This of course means it’ll be harder to mistakenly type “ducking.”


The aesthetic is sort of a throwback to the original iPhone, with a rounded trim, but available in black, aluminum, and gold. The glass screen is strengthened with ion, which means say goodbye to trying to read your emails through a cracked screen as it’ll be more difficult to break this sucker.

Usability is more baller as well (of course). The display has been upgraded from retina vision to retina HD, which is clearer than the eye can even comprehend, with “bright, stunning IPA liquid crystal,” which doesn’t even make sense but sure sounds great. The Messaging app will now show faces rather than just names which helps you avoid drunken mistakes. A new gesture called Reachability lets you double tap the TouchID button which makes the display slide down so you can reach what’s on the top of the screen. There will be copy and paste icons on the keyboard of the iPhone 6 Plus. And, most mind blowingly, an M8 motion coprocessor will detect your elevation level. In other words, fitness apps will be more in tune with your movements whether you’re running or on a Stairmaster.

I could go through more technological statistics and advances, but basically, as Apple claims, “These are the best phones ever made.”

And because a new iPhone just isn’t enough, Cook also made the expected announcement of the Apple Watch. (Notice that Apple seems to be phasing out their “i” branding.) Apple has created an entirely new navigation mechanism for their watch, which they’re calling the crown. The crown is a side dial that you basically navigate with, much like those original touch dials on the old iPods. The display turns on when you lift your wrist, like it’s watching you. The home screen is a cluster of bubbles which are your apps, and you can dictate messages or commands like you do with Siri, but look more like James Bond while doing it. In some weird way, the Apple Watches talk to each other. It senses force. Basically the future is here now. Not to mention it comes in a round or square face and various colors and strap options and even 18k gold. WANT.


Check it all out.