Art & Design

America by Matthew Gray Gubler, Nate Lowman and Adam McEwen

Art & Design

America by Matthew Gray Gubler, Nate Lowman and Adam McEwen

Photo by Doug Inglish
Photo by Doug Inglish
Photo by Brianne Doak 

A few pages into our soon to be released fall Cosmic Issue, we realized that the artists in our pages have more than just the cosmos in common. Artists like Nate Lowman and Adam McEwen had quite a few things to say about the shady origins of the US of A. And Pro-American Matthew Gray Gubler, naturally, had a little more to add. What follows is a collective of their thoughts on the subject, and never before seen photos from the upcoming Cosmic Issue.



An Outline

A. Constructed by 6-year olds

a.“It’s embarrassing how young America is. Literally.”

b. “Very heavy metal, I mean, metal on metal, like clanging…

i. Decoration of function
ii. Declaration of use

“This is what we do! It’s Johnny’s A.C.!”

B. Manifest Destiny

a. Private property and things like that.
b. Buying your privacy.

C. When Americans make a lot of money, the dream is ultimately, isn’t it:
1. Buy the land,
2. Put up the wall and the gate, and
3. Keep the rest of the fuckers out.

Ultimately it’s about:

D. Disappearing into the safe place that capitalism promises.


…In the Beginning, it was sheer violence…

“I killed 50 people and pushed through wherever, Kansas, and have this land.”

E. Las Vegas
To me, the essence of America..
• The desert
• Inhospitable terrain

America’s Playground!

People building a mecca in the middle of a desert where nobody should even be alive…

a. Germans were giving up farms just to come out and have freedom,
b. taking a chance,
c. taking a gamble

i. The Wild West
ii. 150 years ago I could shoot you for being a yellow-bellied rat.. and now it’s like.. now you can’t even go through a yellow light without getting, you know, a satellite photo of you taken and it’s just sort of..

“I kind of pine for the simpler times I think.”