All For The Mountain


All For The Mountain

A BEFORE shot of the saloon
The Red Dog Saloon
Mothership ring available in bronze, pink silver, silver, or 18K gold  ">
Mothership ring available in bronze, pink silver, silver, or 18K gold 
Crater necklace with turquoise or burgundy resin ">
Crater necklace with turquoise or burgundy resin

Carly Margolis, the jewelry designer behind the mystical ALLFORTHEMOUNTAIN line creates handmade pieces made from recycled brass, silver, and gold. Most recently, Margolis moved to an old saloon in California and started making furniture.

You started out as a wallpaper designer, how did your transition to jewelry design come about?

I actually gave up on wallpaper because I couldn’t accept the capitalist beast that design falls prey to. I had plans to leave the hustle of Brooklyn and figure out a new life in Mexico, but on my way I met my love Matthew and we compromised by moving upstate instead.  We set up an art studio in an abandoned cabin in the woods and set up our ideal art camp – but after a few months of that I realized selling my wares was the easiest way to prolong our art camp, and suddenly I had birthed yet another business.  So it wasn’t intentional, but this time around I am committed to focusing on the fun and creative aspects.  The business is also allowing me time to get my masters in clinical psychology because I am realizing that as much as I love creating, I’d prefer to step outside myself and exert my energy with people rather than alone in my bubble.

You return again and again to reinterpreting themes of mysticism, ancient symbols, and otherworldly objects.  Why are these themes important to you and what do they mean to your work?

Ideas and inspiration are formulated by past, present, and future.   Each collection tells a narrative which incorporates the wisdom and aesthetics from the past with my current worldly reality, and then adds a fantastical humorous futuristic element.  I think the absurdity and humor that comes with future visions must be an overcompensation for the morbid reality of where we are actually headed.

The Sacred Mountain is inspired by sacred objects of past and future.  The pieces are meant to look like they could either be found ancient relics from an indigenous Meso-American civilization or a futuristic sci-fi symbol (Palace Brick Ring).  They are meant to resemble miniature kingdoms.  The Drip V Bolo is a play on the Native American bolo tie that could be mistaken for a futuristic sci-fi badge (people have joked I should sell the collection at the Star Trek Convention or that the Palace Brick ring reminds them of a symbol from the Fifth Element.)

My aesthetic explores the psychedelic realm and mythical landscapes, with an occasional element of camp or ironic spirituality.  The “New Age” Collection is both a celebration and a mockery of all things New Age.  Our cabin upstate was right near Woodstock where everyone is hustling as a ‘healer’ and ironically burring money to plan for the 2012 prophecy. There are a lot of End of Days references such as the Smoking Crystal Meteor and the Avalanche Bolo with falling rocks. The use of crystals and yin yangs is only partly ironic, as anyone who knows me would not be surprised to smell a smudge stick burning or to see that my crystal collection has taken over my bedroom.  The latest “Mothership” collection continues with the narrative by two possible post apocalyptic visions: 1) Space invasion 2) The importance of mothers to reproduce a new generation which survives the predicted Armageddon.

I learned from your website that the brand was originally based in the Catskills and that you are now in the process of moving to a small town in Southern California.  Is it important to you to live outside of a city? 

I move a lot.  I try to follow my instincts when something doesn’t feel healthy.  I find that too much of anything is hard for me.  Too much traffic in the city easily translates to too much sun or wind out here in the desert.  I say try it all out to learn what you can live with [or] without.   I’m finally accepting that I love elements of both city and country . . . so we are moving yet again!  This time to Topanga Canyon.  Hope we get it right this time.  It’s finally reached that point: too much moving.

What’s the latest with your band?  Any tours or recording sessions planned for the summer?

Unfortunately the music [has fallen] to the back-burner at the moment because of the transition to the West Coast.  We are still sitting on our first record – just working on album art at the moment.  We have no plans for the record yet – maybe I’ll just send it out to customers when they buy jewelry. Shameless self-promotion?

Your website has some amazing gifs. Would you make one for us?

What’s the favorite room of your house? 

At the moment we are living in the old Red Dog Saloon in Pioneertown [California].  It was built by Gene Autry and Roy Rogers in the 40s as a western film set.  During weekends they do super campy reenactments and we can hear gun shots all day.  We had originally intended to build a Matterhorn-shaped house on a plot of land we bought out here, but the realities of bureaucracy and strict California codes deterred us so we tracked down the owner of the abandoned saloon and fixed it up.  We have a pretty epic wrap-around porch that faces horses and a tipi.  Since the move west, my fiancé and I have started to collaborate.  We are designing a new collection of furniture and bronze hardware so we’ve converted this space into a live-work art studio until we are up and running.

ALLFORTHEMOUNTAIN jewelry and furniture can be found HERE.