August 16, 2011

BULLETT: What lit your fire as an artist? Was there a definitive moment where you realized that you wanted to express yourself this way?

ALIS PELLESCHI: Being part of the Myspace generation is where it all started, though I didn’t make the connection until recently between what I was doing then and what I’m doing now. When I was about 13 we moved to a new house, away from all my friends, and the result was that I spent a lot of time alone. I would spend hours dressing up and taking photos of myself, manipulating them and uploading them on the net. I never thought of that process as being an artist, and I never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it. I was just doing it. I sometimes wish I could go back to those times.

What’s the inspiration behind “3D SLUT 4EVA?

“3D SLUT 4EVA” was my little homage to both CassettePlaya [a fashion designer whose real name is Carri Mundane] and the sexy 3D GIF girls that kept popping up. CassettePlaya is someone I’ve been following for some time. I was excited when she agreed to lend me her pieces, and I decided to become a real-life version of the sexy 3D sluts of the Internet. I think these characters are so beautiful, and I love the fact that they have real booties and bums. If the photos had a soundtrack, it would probably be something like, “Let Me Be Your Fantasy.”

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