Alice Glass on Technology, Confrontation, & Her Style Icon


Alice Glass on Technology, Confrontation, & Her Style Icon

Jacket Tripp NYC, T-shirt Alice’s own, White veil Jennifer Behr, Necklace worn as tiara Shourouk, Necklace Chris Habana


Style Icon: Joan of Arc. I like the different interpretations people have had of her over the centuries.

Bands that should be on MTV (if MTV still played music): AIDS Wolf, Kleenex, Necros, Heavens to Betsy, Xiu Xiu, the Sick Lipstick, Discharge, and Carcass should all be on TV. “There should also be a hall of fame for riot grrrl bands like Bratmobile. There should be a museum full of [the band’s founder] Allison Wolfe’s lyric books and guitars. Not the Eagles’.

Vehicle of choice: We have a 1960s police van with a steel cage in the back. It’s unbreakable. We’ve seen people trying to break down the door but they can’t. The thing is designed for riots.


On confrontation… I live for sincere moments. Witnessing the passionate eyes of hate and locking with them makes up for all the phony weather talk. Life without passion is meaningless. I’d rather have confrontation over comfort. I’ll be comfortable when I’m dead.

On technology… I’ve never even had a phone. I prefer booths—any excuse to go outside.

On infanticide… [Crystal Castles’ song] “Black Panther” is about a mother who’s sick of her children and throws them away, drowns them. It’s about being ashamed that something so awful came out of your body. Drown ’em like cats.

On the album art—a young boy pictured in a cemetery—for their second album… It’s about the serene calm that comes from thinking about lots of bodies slumbering in the ground for eternity. There’s nothing more serene than that.

On saying no to huge tours opening for mainstream bands… Fuck it.

On saying no to contributing a song to the Twilight soundtrack… Fuck it.

On saying no to a proposed major network TV show based on her band… Fuck it.


“Is it somehow more goth to wear makeup when you know that aluminum, lead, arsenic, and a rainbow of carcinogenic chemicals are potentially now dancing around in your bloodstream?”

“Does coolness matter? Nothing matters. We’re all dust.”

“Do I think that every girl, if they want to, should start a band no matter what the people in their lives think about it? Fuck yeah. If your boyfriend or father disagrees, do it anyway.”