February 19, 2013

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but contrary to the headline I’m not entirely buying the whole “We were hacked!” claim from corporate social media accounts trying to explain why their feeds typically advertising a new strain of cheeseburger, flavor of Mountain Dew, variety of grilled onion, etc., were suddenly overridden with shout-outs to WORLDSTARRRR and Chief Keef, amongst others. Once was an anomaly, maybe, but after all the attention that @BurgerKing got yesterday when it was temporarily dispensing the “hacked” Tweets, the most recent takeover of the @Jeep account just seems like a savvy, calculated way to increase brand exposure and followers before the “hackers” are suspended, with no one the wiser. Plus, you should be suspicious of how these things spread—because, after all, who’s really following the Jeep Twitter? Think about it. Regardless, I suppose it’s still kind of funny. Enjoy before it gets taken down.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 1.52.49 PM

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