February 12, 2013

You almost want to feel for Chris Brown in this situation, were it not for the fact that he’s Chris Brown. But after years of defiantly being the worst, Brown was supposedly cowed on Sunday night at the Grammys when Adele took some time to bark at him for not standing up after Frank Ocean won the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album—a doozy of a way to say “black people music” if I’ve ever seen one. Brown clapped, but stayed conspicuously seated as everyone else in the crowd leapt to their feet. While I imagine it’s no fun to be yelled at by the fearsomely maternal Adele, you wonder if he was really that out of sorts by not standing up for Ocean, with whom he’d just had a rather public fight. You’ve already lost the PR battle since everyone loves your rival more than you, and then he wins an award you would’ve liked?  It might actually be okay for someone to not like someone else, in which case Brown’s honest reaction might’ve been not so gross. Of course, this is very he-said-she-said; perhaps him and Adele were just having an intense discussion about Girls. But for once, he might’ve not been completely in the wrong.


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