MyTube: Actress Deragh Campbell Shares 5 Womanspirational Videos


MyTube: Actress Deragh Campbell Shares 5 Womanspirational Videos


MyTube is a regular series which asks some of our favorite web dwellers to escort us through their own personal YouTube hall of fame. 

Canadian actor Deragh Campbell is not what I’d call “an Internet person.” For her, the web is a tool, not an environment, and she uses it to focus on her interests and her craft; these days, that’s independent filmmaking and female personas.

Campbell is currently living between Toronto and Niagra on the Lake, where she’s working on her own feature script and editing a short she directed, while developing a character for an upcoming Nathan Silver film and acting in projects she believes in as they pop up. You can catch her on screen right now in the ballad-to-Baltimore film, I Used to be Darker (dir. Matt Porterfield), which was just released on DVD by Strand Releasing (it’s also available on Amazon and iTunes), and in Person to Person (dir. Dustin Guy Defa), a short that debuted at Sundance, won the DAAD Short Film Prize at the Berlinale, and will be screening as part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s 2014 New Directors New Films lineup in a month’s time.

Here, Deragh shares five videos that have been inspiring her lately…

Deragh: I haven’t been as big a fan as I am of these women since I simultaneously wanted to be and be with Nick Carter. At least I can express my fandom now in a healthier way, by responding to their work, instead of parting my ear length hair in the middle and wearing tracksuits. Actually, that sounds kind of cool. I think it is these women’s irreverence for any grossly sentimentalized representation of a feeling (that is more an imitation of other video than any actual feeling). They cut right through the bounty of video content that is precious and nostalgic. Either through comedy or by being less demure and more aggressive, they create new relationship between females and the camera.

Bridget MoserAsking for a Friend:

Asking for a friend from Bridget Moser on Vimeo.

Hannah Gross in That’s Fine, Tom Cat (via

That’s fine, tomcat from Morning to Morning on Vimeo.

Adele Exarchopoulos’ general attitude in this interview:

Eleanore Pienta in “CLEAN LAUNDRY/SHE SPEAKS/TRY AGAIN,” a clip from one of my top three favourite movies last year, See You Next Tuesday:

CLEAN LAUNDRY/SHE SPEAKS/TRY AGAIN from Elephant Panther on Vimeo.

And, finally, Gena Rowlands (not the content of this scene, that is actually pretty annoying, but her gestures, body language):