December 7, 2012

Knowing which products to endorse and which to throw back on top the marketing pile is, for a celebrity, just as arduous a task as the work that brought them to such a position of power. But sometimes, the synchronicity of a perfectly timed promotion is too easy to ignore. Action Bronson, who recently released the Rare Chandeliers mixtape, just announced the release of his newest product: the official Action Bronson vaporizer, courtesy of the folks over at Grenco Science. For $149, you’ll get a handsomely branded black vape, along with some rechargeable batteries, some mouth sleeves to keep things hygienic, and an Action Bronson hat and t-shirt. Because what’s the point of using such a product if you’re not going to come correct in the proper gear? Using it to vaporize tobacco, of course, because that’s what it’s for; suggesting anything else would be libelous.

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