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Across the Tumblrverse: Fuck Yeah, Aggregation of Culture!

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Across the Tumblrverse: Fuck Yeah, Aggregation of Culture!


Next time you’re on Google, try searching “fuck yeah” and a topic of interest. Chances are someone’s Tumblr will come up. (It was Fuck Yeah Channing Tatum, wasn’t it?) That’s because Fuck Yeah! is an internet phenomenon—enabled by the convenient tumblelog platform—of subject-specific fan blogs. The trend, now several years old, casts a wide net—subcultures, nations, movements, fetishes, celebrities, and memes all get spotlighted—with the more successful sites serving as a kind of disordered visual encyclopedia entry for its dedicated topic. Fuck Yeah, Modernism! brings together quotes, portraits, book covers, cartoons, and commercial products related to the twentieth century movement and its key players (Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Kafka, Woolf, etc.) Fuck Yeah Sharks, the one said to have started it all, is just a roll of miscellaneous shark content, which is awesome.

Fuck Yeah topics range from the expansive (Fuck Yeah Art), to the specific (Fuck Yeah! Streetart) to the even more specific (Fuck Yeah Jean Michel Basquiat’!). There are Fuck Yeahs for almost everything, and if one doesn’t exist yet, I suggest you start it. Most FYs take submissions but are edited by one or few fan/hobbyists. A good FY is better than a Google image search on the topic. A really good one is like an illustrated Wikipedia entry, though maybe less logical and officious in its editing. In researching the Fuck Yeah phenomenon, I’d often find myself with Roy Orbison’s “You Got It jingle stuck in my head: “Anything you want, You got it, Anything you need, You got it, Anything at all, You got it, Fuck Yeah…”

Here are five of my all-time favorite Fuck Yeahs:

Fuck Yeah Existentialism
I was kind of hoping this site would just bring up an infinitely scrolling black screen. But this is almost as good. Fuck Yeah Existentialism is dominated by quotes sure to challenge your sense of identity and place in the world (what world?).
Blog tagline: Life is absurd. Deal with it.

Fuck Yeah Comme des Garçons
Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo deserves a monument, permanent museum exhibition, regular travelling shows, dozens of weighty coffee table books, a documentary miniseries, and a placard of awards for her work under the label Comme des Garçons. This fanatical, well-sourced, elegant Tumblr is also deserved.
Blog tagline: With creation as her sword.

Fuck Yeah Daniel Clowes
American cartoonist Daniel Clowes is fucking awesome (he’s Lisa Simpson’s favorite, duh) and that’s what Fuck Yeah is all about. Check out that perfectly sampled background color.
Blog tagline: Artist of the angry, subversive masses.

Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling
I cannot not mention it. Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling is the urtext, the one that launched a thousand ships, the origin of the Ryan Gosling/“Hey girl” meme. After this, my Facebook newsfeed was never the same. After this came genius followers Feminist Ryan Gosling, Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy? and Fuck Yeah Gabriel Nadeau Dubois.
Blog tagline: “The most awesomest, raddest, coolest dude since me,” Orson Welles.

Fuck Yeah! davidfosterwallace
Oh no they didn’t! You know the old heart-shaped glasses and lollipop movie poster for Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita that said “How did they ever make a movie of Lolita?” That’s how I feel about this FY about the late, tortured author. But someone’s done it, and they’ve done it well. How? With posts on unresolved plot issues in Infinite Jest, DFW vocabulary lists, essays, articles, images, and quotations. The submission guidelines: “Anything even tenuously connected to David Foster Wallace will be considered and probably accepted. It’s all just ephemeral ‘content’ anyway, destined to be forgotten along with all your teenaged livejournal posts (or unearthed during a search by a particularly fastidious potential future employer, in which case the owner of this blog assumes no responsibility for any financial loss/crushing humiliation incurred as a result).”
Blog tagline: none.

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