January 15, 2013

You can buy almost anything on eBay, except for vaginas, which, actually maybe you can, I don’t use eBay or vaginas that much, but I’m guessing that sort of thing is frowned upon. One thing you apparently can put a price on, however, is accidental vagina, which everyone knows is typically valued at 5-7 times going expected vagina rates. But would you pay £150,000 for a chance to have a dress that dangled occasionally in the vicinity of a vagina? Like, one you have specific intel on? Verified vagina, that is to say, like the one belonging to the unknowing and/or savvy lady behind this quickly viral eBay listing today in which she was kind enough to throw in a fanny pack as part of the whole deal? Hard to say. I wouldn’t, personally, but I’m not a crazy person.


“The initial asking price was just £15.99, but numbers started to climb rapidly after word got out that the woman’s half-naked body appears in one of the photos ostensibly showing off the dress.” Gawker

Alas, we may never know what it was like to purchase and wear and/or just sort of spend time with a yellow dress that was occasionally used to clothe/reveal this particular British vagina, because the woman has taken the listing down once she realized her mistake.

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