A Superfluous Conversation With Kendra Morris


A Superfluous Conversation With Kendra Morris


This week’s Superfluous Conversation took place Thursday November 9th, 2012 at The Bowery Hotel. I had been unsuccessfully attempting to hang with the lovely songstress Kendra Morris for ages, but Superstorms kept getting in the way. We were quite pleased to finally sit down in stately velvet chairs and catch up. Kendra is a strange and wonderful creature who resides in the East Village with her turtle and dog. You can never quite be certain what she’s going to say next.

ALLYSON: I’m so glad we’re finally hanging out, various storms keep interrupting our plans.
KENDRA: I’ve been catching up on Breaking Bad.

You just played a show, how was it?
In Florida. That one was good. It was homey. I had a bunch of shows for CMJ before that too and now I have two shows coming up.


I’ll come. I saw you open for Caveman.
At the “By Robert James” party.

That was fun. Lots of random snacks at that show. I ate a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
I stole some cookies from the green room.

How’s your turtle?
His name is Melvin and he pooped on me last night. I was on the phone with a friend talking about how cute he was and I was like, “Melvin!”

What does turtle poop look like?
It smells so bad. It smells like halitosis. I have total poop humor. I find poop really funny and I know where I get it from. My mom is putting a pool in her backyard, and they said they struck something, it was these old sewer pipes. And they found a petrified turd and she was so excited to tell me. I was like, wow, can you send me a picture? It’s from the 1800s. It’s a colonial turd. Knowing my mom, she will probably put it in the living room.

In a Plexiglas box.
With a sign that says, “Don’t forget where you came from.”

I like that fur carcass you’re wearing.
I need it to get through New York winters. I’ve gotten all these furs from flea markets and thrift stores. I always wanted to post my face on food. So I found this app that does that. I was posting pictures of me as a pickle today.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a covers album. I put out a bunch of covers right before my album came out. We would do a cover a week and my label Wax Poetics decided to put them all out as an actual album since they did so well. We did “Ride The Lightening.” My producer and I collaborate on everything, so we’ll sit in front of YouTube and pick out songs. We’re doing that and working on the second album.

What’s the last good piece of advice you heard?
I give a lot of advice and I never take it.