January 7, 2013

The charming aspects of this interview between Morrissey and some fans on MTV in 1992 are self-explanatory (via Dangerous Minds). Even better than his awkward answers (he is trying though, he really is) is the 9tz fan porn going on in the background. Also John Norris’ shirt.

A couple notes:

eyes 1

Dat look from the girl on Norris’ right at the beginning. Time capsule boner situation going on here, am I right? Also, is that girl on his left the most Morrissey-fan Morrissey fan you’ve ever seen or what?


Never mind, there he is.


Check out this suuuuper creepy shoulder rub action that goes on when she starts talking to Morrissey from the dude on the left. That’s the look right there, by the way, that every boyfriend ever gives any dude on stage when he goes to see his lady’s favorite band.


Some day your grandchildren might ask you what the 90′s were like. Skip getting into a whole conversation and just save this picture and forward it to them when they’re old enough to understand.

The question here was whether or not he ever missed The Smiths.  “I think that when groups are no longer with us we become incredibly romantic about them,” he said, which is true. “Except in the case of the Monkees perhaps,” which seems like kind of an out of left field burn, but OK. “For me, I think if the Smiths, and this, had existed at the same time, I would have preferred this.”


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