A Skype Conversation With Justice’s Gaspard Augé


A Skype Conversation With Justice’s Gaspard Augé


It’s been nearly four years since French dance high priests Justice set North America ablaze with their A Cross The Universe tour. Those shenanigans included allegations they were faking it, an incident involving a broken bottle and some guy’s head, and plenty of groupies. Most of it was captured in the eponymous tour documentary, which solidified Justice’s members, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, as newborn rockstars who treated their sudden fame with amusing nonchalance. After a long hiatus that saw them record their sophomore record, Audio, Video, Disco, Justice is back on the road, marking their North American return with two sold out shows this weekend at New York City’s Terminal 5.  Before hopping on a plane to the States, Augé  hopped on Skype to chat with us about the new tour, their backstage necessities, why they’re excited to be back in North America.

BULLETT: Hey Gaspard.

Gaspard Augé: Let’s roll!

Where are you now?

In Paris. We leave on the 14th to NYC.

You had about a month off between shows. How’d you spend that time?

We ‘ll work on the live show, add some new tracks and rehearse them.

You last show in New York at Terminal 5 in 2007 was mental. Can we expect the same thing this time around? 

We hope it’s going be the same reaction, but you can’t make any rule about cities. Sometimes it’s great, the next day it can be terrible, and there are too many parameters that we don’t control, like the weather, a football game, alcohol level.

Does the alcohol level need to be high to maximize the Justice live experience?

Haha, hopefully not, but it helps sometimes.

On your first tour, it felt like you and Xavier really embraced the rockstar lifestyle. Have you mellowed since then?

We had some great moments, and we hope this tour will top the last one, but we are not crazy people and we don’t consider ourselves rockstars.

The last tour felt like a real introduction to fame, and everything that comes with it.

Some stuff happened on the road and it would have been sad not to embrace it, but it happens for any band, I guess.

But not every band makes a movie about it. Are you going to shoot another doc for this tour?

No, we wanted to make this DVD at a very early stage of our story, because most documentaries on music are made when the band is old and grey. We thought it would be more entertaining to make it at that point.

If there were five items that you absolutely had to have backstage before a show, what would they be?

Rum, Tabasco, cigarettes, random sandwiches, and a bunch of midgets.

Is there anything about North America that you missed while you were gone?

Everything is more exciting for us in the US. It’s still very exotic for two Frenchies.

How have crowds been reacting to the new material?  Do you find that your old hits still get the biggest reaction?

The peak time of the show is Audio, Video, Disco, so it’s great to see that the new material is working well,because we made the two records sound alike on stage, one bass sound, one drum kit, one sound for the leads and solos. We spend more time changing the old material, and the whole is very fluid and coherent.

Are you both single, and is it best to be single before going on a tour like this?

Haha, no, we’re both engaged.