A Rundown of the Original Inspirations Behind Martin Margiela’s H&M Collection


A Rundown of the Original Inspirations Behind Martin Margiela’s H&M Collection


The full Maison Martin Margiela for H&M lookbook is circulating the web and we think it may be the fashion forward house’s most conceptual collection yet. Many of the looks are carbon copies of classic MMM designs. What does it mean to make a mass market edition of a 1991 runway sweater originally stitched from old military socks and crafted so that the natural morphology of the socks in heels and toes formed elbows and a bust line? We’re going to accept it as a statement on authenticity, mechanical reproduction, and the fashion system. (We want it all.)

Here, we take a spin through Margiela’s archives and show you the originals that inspired the original copies.


Look 1.
Left: Artisanal Fall 1991 sweater made of military socks. (Image from Purple Magazine Spring 2007. Photographer: Juergen Teller. Stylist: Jane How.) Right: MMM x H&M.


Look 2.
Left: Spring 2007 Trompe l’oeil bra bodysuit. (Photographer: Marina Faust.) Center: MMM x H&M. Right: Foldover jeans from Fall 2001.


Look 3.
Left: Artisanal Spring 2001 halter top assembled from vintage leather gloves. (Photographer: Richard Bush. Styling: Jane How.) Right: MMM x H&M.


Look 4.
Left: Fall 2000 oversized turtleneck and pants. (Image from Vogue US July 2000. Photographer: Michael Thompson. Stylist: Grace Coddington.) Right: MMM x H&M.


Look 5.
Left: Spring 2000 enlarged blue blazer. Right: MMM x H&M.


Look 6.
Right: MMM x H&M. Left: Fall 1999 grey coat. (Image from Dazed and Confused January 1999. Photographer: Terry Richardson.)


Look 7.
Left: MMM x H&M. Right: Dress from the Spring 1996 trompe l’oeil collection.


Look 8.
Left: MMM x H&M. Right: Fall 1999 duvet coat. (Image from Bill Cunningham’s On the Street, March 2000.)