8 Steps For Hitting On Someone at the Gym


8 Steps For Hitting On Someone at the Gym


There’s a predictably balls-fisted post up today on garbage site Bro Bible called 9 Keys to Hitting on Girls at the Gym. As you might expect it’s filled with goofy, offensive would-be-jokes like “Ever vigilant for a hot to decently-room-temperature slice of poon, I’m perusing the room for talent from the instant I arrive” and “Strategically, I hone in on a single lady who’s splintered off from the herd…With only one, I’m not intimidated the way I would be approaching a harem, their collective shrill shutdowns aching to be voiced at my pickup attempt.”

Funny stuff!

Unfortunately everything about the post is wrong. Here’s the real way to “hit on” a “girl” at the gym.

1) Go to the gym.

2) Go about your business in whatever normal way satisfies your need for physical exertion.

3) Notice someone you find attractive across the room.

4) Glance in their direction briefly.

5) Go back to whatever it was you were doing.

6) Leave the gym.

7) Never talk to that person again because nobody wants to be hit on at the gym.

8) Die alone.


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