7000 Word Think Piece On The Meaning Of Azealia Banks Twitter Beefs Just Kidding Tho


7000 Word Think Piece On The Meaning Of Azealia Banks Twitter Beefs Just Kidding Tho


Azealia Banks did a Twitter again, calling some rap guys bad rap guys and then they got mad. Are we not better than this?

We are not.

Some things you need to know about this imbroglio:

Faggot is a bad word.

Even if you’re a “bisexual rapper.”

Maybe especially so then.

Bisexuality is marketing brand.

Just kidding.

It’s also a bad word to use if you’re black.

Maybe especially so then.

Or white.

It’s worse when a woman rapper says the word faggot, because of sexism-like? But it may or may not be double-sexist to hold women rap persons to different standards than the ones we have for men rap persons?

That one song “Harlem Shake” is a good at the internet.

Stop making “Harlem Shake” videos you guys.

Azealia Banks’ remix of the song, which you can watch below, is a middling-to decent remix of the that one song “Harlem Shake.”

Young people are idiots.

Especially on Twitter.

Black people like Twitter. Hispanics like Instagram. Rich white people like Pinterest.


Race is a construct.

No it isn’t.

What sort of think piece can we write about Banks’ continued use of “jailbait” imagery, as in the video below, via Hello Kitty blow jobs?

“It’s like society is so bored with itself it needs to hold on to these outdated rules of what you can say and cannot say. Why has society accepted ‘nigger’ As a colloquialism … But will not accept ‘faggot’?” Banks asked. “Everyones always acting like its fucking 1905 in this bitch.”

In 1905 it would not have been considered particularly socially unacceptable to use the word faggot.

In 2012 it is not considered particularly socially unacceptable for people to say faggot on Twitter.

“Harlem Shake” is at #1 on the iTunes sales charts. There are, as you probably know, quite a few videos of people doing the dance for it online. It is now possible for labels and artists to make substantial money on those videos, whereas before they might have sought to shut them down as examples of copyright infringement.

“212” tho.



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