6 Photos of Ryan Gosling Being the Perfect Dad


6 Photos of Ryan Gosling Being the Perfect Dad


Ryan Gosling is going to do fatherhood, and like everything else Ryan Gosling does, it’s going to be effortless. To show you just how effortless it will be, we’ve put together a string of photos of Ryan Gosling being perfect with children.


Notice the 43 degree angle he’s holding the bottle at. Baby scientists agree this is the best angle.


Here he is with the actual mother of his child, Eva Mendes. Notice how everything is perfect.


Notice here how Ryan perfectly manages to shield his fake baby’s face from creepy picture takers. He will have to do this a lot IRL.


Here Ryan perfectly has his arm around his woman while perfectly performing the complicated left armpit baby hold, known as the most challenging of all the baby holds.


When Ryan’s kid does age, he will become a perfect tube sled thing partner.


Ryan wears t-shirt perfectly, but his baby hold here is actually putting too much pressure on the lungs, collapsing our entire theory of Ryan Gosling being the perfect dad. Nevermind.