January 3, 2013

Hey everyone, famous middle-aged actress Gwyneth Paltrow danced on stage while her husband, famous middle-aged  singer Christ Martin performed with other famous middle-aged singer Jay-Z at their concert on New Year’s Eve the other night. It was so embarrassing and a huge blow to Jay’s street cred, (such as it is). Not even her kids thought she was cool enough to dance with! LOL. Just like a mom.

Not very cool, I think we can all agree on this opinion. Although, if you think about it, the only thing less cool than Gwyneth Paltrow dancing at a Jay-Z show might be expecting a Jay-Z concert to be a place where something cool might happen in the first place.

Some other things less cool:

New Year’s Eve.

Going to a concert at a sports arena.

Going to a concert on New Year’s Eve.

Watching a video of a concert you didn’t go to on New Year’s Eve.

Every other time you have danced yourself in your life.

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