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6 Pearls of Wisdom On Acting and Life From Meryl Streep

Film & TV

6 Pearls of Wisdom On Acting and Life From Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep, nominated for 18 Oscars, and winner of three, is without a doubt one of our greatest actors ever. She’s also a goddamn national treasure, and has forgotten more about show business, and the creative life in general, than most of us will ever know. So when she decides to drop pearls of knowledge on an audience, as she did last night at an event at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, we should listen. (h/t Vanity Fair)

The school’s Twitter feed was live-streaming the appearance. Here are a few of the best takeaways.


On experience

“I think I know more about all the bumps and the mess of life; things I didn’t really know when I was coming up.”

On fame

“People will listen to you, and sometimes you’re mystified as to why.”

On writing

“I’m a real writing snob…having said that, some of the most eloquent & powerful roles have had nothing to do with the words I say.”

On women in movies

“My advice is: don’t let the bastards get ya down!”

On the glamour of fame

“This morning before I came, I cleaned the cat litter, because that’s my job for some reason.”

On individuality

“Your difference – your thing that’s unique to you – is the most valuable thing you have.”