August 10, 2012

Need a wet blanket to dampen the fun? Call 50 Cent. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, 50 offered some opinions on Snoop Dogg’s name change to Snoop Lion. He didn’t quite diss the move, but he wasn’t quite pleasant about it, either. “Of course, there will be some people who connect to it and there will be some people that run from it – I don’t know how his Little League team’s parents will feel about his new persona,” 50 said. “But again, it’s a persona – these are the choices he’s created for himself creatively. And, you know, I think it will work.” All the talk about personas is a little bit like peeking behind the curtain, but 50′s always been depressingly honest about his ur-capitalist approach to the rap game. Witness the subtle shade he throws toward all those pot-smoking MCs. “For hip-hop culture, it will work, because there’s enough of that going on; Wiz Khalifa, his entire theme is that,” he said. “I’ve consistently seen artists sell 500,000 copies with that as a theme: Redman, Method Man, Styles P.” You can almost hear the sneer curling as he says “500,000″ as though that’s a number for false moguls. It sort of is, but we’ll have to wait and see how Snoop’s sales are affected by the change.

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