May 7, 2014

“When we are on tour, we like to try and make the most of it,” PAWS told us recently. Their new “Owl Talons” video finds the Glawgow trio seeing the sights on their recent jaunt through the States, skateboarding in the mountains, getting tattooed, shooting fireworks, and everything else you’d expect from a couple of guys a long way from home.  The song is a blissfully fuzzy punk shouter.

“We always get up early and hit the road so we can find something exciting to do, because it seems like a lot of bands on tour will sleep all day, roll up to the venue, hide downstairs in some dark room with wifi and beer, play the show and then leave for a bar/hotel you know?”

Yes, we have heard of this phenomenon.

“On our November U.S tour in 2013 we filled the van with fireworks, took some out-of-the-ordinary routes between cities and visited a national monument or two. We are back out on tour in the U.S right now, so I guess this video gives a little insight into what we are getting up to every day.”

PAWS second LP Youth Culture Forever is out now on FatCat Records.  Check out their video “Sore Tummy” which we loved when it came out last year and made our Best of 2013 playlist.

 Photo by Martin Barker

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