30 Second Song Reviews of Why?, The Knocks, and The Deftones


30 Second Song Reviews of Why?, The Knocks, and The Deftones



I think it’s probably safe to say that no normal person is every going to listen to all three of these songs together in any other context in the history of the world, but let’s go ahead and do it anyway, because we’re different, you and I, aren’t we? We should hang out more.


Why? “Strawberries”

Deets: From the quirky everything-core group’s fifth LP Mumps, out in October.

What it do: Rapid fire high hat stutter, whackadoodles lyrics about rubbers and sunscreen, nasally psych-pop vocals, and a leaned-back groove.

What it makes me want to do: I don’t know, probably listen to the Deftones instead and do some pushups.



Two Door Cinema Club “Sleep Alone” (The Knocks Remix)

Deets: Official remix of that one band who plays that one song you recognize from your local alternative rock radio dial from NYC production duo The Knocks.

What it do: Like everything else The Knocks cats get their trackpads on the song here expands into a deep, disco-house party. I wonder if those dudes ever take a night off from ‘killing it’?

What it makes me want to do: Could probably bang out a few more reps to this new Deftones single again.



Deftones “Leathers”

Deets: The first single from the suburban angst bros’ seventh album, Koi No Yokan‘ due out in November.

What it do: Pretty standard catharsis and insular wailing from the dudes who helped turn moping around the food court at the mall into a viable fashion statement.

What it makes me want to do: Go back and listen to the rest of their catalog all day. Everything hurts. Download it here.



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