2016 Was Seriously The Worst


2016 Was Seriously The Worst


This year might’ve been the worst ever. When Donald Trump started his presidential campaign, then actually won the Republican nomination in May, we were certain the country had hit rock bottom. That’s the thing about bottoms, though. Just when you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse, they do—that was 2016 in a nutshell.

Besides Trump, there were tragedies like the Oakland Fire and the Pulse Nightclub shooting, along with the senseless murders of innocent Americans like Sandra Bland. Then there were the catastrophic natural disasters, like Suicide Squad, and Dream Kardashian. Since 2015, it’s been all downhill.

Luckily, however, years end and 2016 is almost over. Although 2017 will start with Trump’s White House takeover, we can only hope that really will be our lowest low. I mean, where else can you go from there, if not up?

In honor of the coming new year, BULLETT has put together a list of 2016’s top 10 worst moments. Since they can’t all be Donald Trump, we were worried we wouldn’t have enough. But thankfully, this year had plenty to offer. 2016, you’ve outdone yourself.

1. Donald Trump

Let’s just get this one out of the way. This Oompa Loompa grabbed women by the pussy, and set progress back about 1,000 years. From racist, misogynist, homophobic rhetoric to the most ridiculous hair in the history of politics, Donald Trump was definitely the worst thing to happen in 2016—and possibly ever.

2. The passing of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Alan Vega & Prince

A lot of talented and influential people died this year. But it genuinely feels like the world has gotten even worse since the deaths of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Alan Vega and Prince. With everything that happened in 2016, we needed their music more than ever.

3. The Alt-Right

The alt-right always existed, secretly lurking in the darkest corners of the Internet. But thanks to Trump, Pepe the Frog and trolls like Milo Yiannapoulos, 2016 was the year the alt-right went mainstream.

4. Hiddleswift

Enough said. Seeing Taylor Swift and her publicity prop, Tom Hiddleston, top every single headline of even the most reputable publications, made me want to poke out my own eyes. Even though it sparked its own set of ridiculous news stories and conspiracy theories, thank god the “relationship” only lasted a summer.

5. Kanye West’s “Famous” video/Everyone talking about Kanye West’s “Famous” video

Kanye West’s “Famous” video was creepy af. We all know that. But the resulting media onslaught, Kimye/T.Swift feud and constant input from random celebrities like Lena Dunham, made it unbearable. For months, you couldn’t walk past a newsstand or through Williamsburg without hearing a heated debate on the topic. If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that Kanye West+Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift=the worst.

6. The metal merch trend

Kanye, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Kylie Jenner—in 2016, everyone jumped on the metal merch bandwagon. From Thrasher hoodies to Bieber’s Marilyn Manson-inspired tour gear, celebrities ruined band tees and skate culture for everyone.

7. “All Lives Matter”

Anyone who’s ever said this, even as a joke, is the actual worst. The #AllLivesMatter movement, birthed this year as a ridiculous response to Black Lives Matter, is the epitome of everything that was wrong in 2016.

8. Tracksuits and $1,000 hoodies

Don’t get me wrong—I love a good hoodie. But thanks to Vetements, Yeezy and an ongoing ’90s revival, tracksuits were the soft grunge of 2016 and sweatshirts had their own hierarchy. My regular Champion sweats were still considered pajamas, but  Vetements’ knockoffs sold for over $3,000 a piece. If athleisure wasn’t already enough, the French streetwear brand partnered with Juicy to bring back velour. I thought I could safely leave Juicy outfits on my list for the worst moments of 2003, along with Von Dutch and Paris Hilton, but 2016 just couldn’t help itself.

9. Fuller House 

Only a few things are still sacred in this world. Full House is one of them. But Netflix had to go ahead and destroy all of our childhoods by airing the disaster that is Fuller House. The show’s only saving grace is the fact the Olsen Twins were not included—2016 couldn’t ruin them for us, too.

10. Lindsay Lohan’s accent, aka LILOHAN

Oh LiLo—a bright shining beacon of hope in the hell that was 2016. This year, our angel escaped an abusive relationship, became a nightclub owner and a humanitarian, and somehow became European. Linds debuted her bizarre accent during an interview at her club opening in Greece, later explaining it as “a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn,” calling it “Lilohan.” Ever the altruist, Lindsay printed the phrase on t-shirts for charity.

All in all, this year sucked. Frank Ocean did finally release an album, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. But either way, 2016—you can fuck off.