16 Questions About Life With Designers Erica and Faye Toogood


16 Questions About Life With Designers Erica and Faye Toogood


Faye Toogood is a London-based furniture and interiors designer whose small-batch creations have earned plaudits from the likes of Opening Ceremony and Phillips de Pury & Company. She has also produced installations for  Hermes, Comme des Garcons, Kenzo, and Opening Ceremony. For her latest trick, Toogood has joined forces with her sister Erica to create TOOGOOD, her debut collection that is made exclusively of coats and that serves as a reaction to the machine-like reproduction of the fashion industry. Their manifesto, in part, reads, “WE HEREBY reject and reprehend the cruel diktats of the discredited fashionista treadmill: the voracious cycle 
in which spring/summer is devoured by autumn/winter, and 
autumn/winter is in turn devoured by spring/summer. Let 
them be rendered obsolete by the very inconstancy they thrive upon.” These girls aren’t messing around. Here, we get to know them better.

What is the worst crime you’ve ever committed?
FT: Smuggling a giant pair of tailor scissors in my luggage from India.
ET: Stealing a toy from a friend.

When was the last time you felt guilty and why?
FT: Yesterday. I forgot to say thank you to someone.
ET: Today… I stole some of my new housemate’s milk.

What is your favorite section in a book store?
FT: Natural History.
ET: Second hand.

Where can I find the world’s best soup?
FT: My local Japanese – Miso Soup.
ET: Mayfields restaurant in Hackney, London.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever thought?
FT: How beautiful it would be to paint all the pigeons in London blue.
ET: Am I real?

What’s the darkest song ever written?
FT: “Both Sides Now,” Joni Mitchell.
ET: “Hurt,” Johnny Cash.

Who are you obsessed with?
FT: Myself of course.
ET: No one.  Obsession is not healthy.

What’s one thing you can’t get rid of?
FT: My huge birthmark.
ET: Rufus my ted.

What’s the best poster you’ve ever owned?
FT: Boys Don’t Cry, The Cure.
ET: E.T.

Where’s the best place to see the sun rise?
FT: The nature reserve, Chhatra Sagar in Rajhastan.
ET: Sri Lanka.

What’s the most destructive thing on the internet?
FT: Google. They know our every move, preference and fantasy.
ET: Forums.

What’s the most thrilling thing that’s happened to music in the last 5 years?
FT: Electrelane.
ET: The Knife.

Describe the most satisfying revenge you’ve ever had.
FT: Revenge is useless to me.
ET: I’ve never acted upon the urge to revenge.

You have one chance to make me laugh with a YouTube clip.  Which one is it?
FT: I don’t use YouTube.
ET: The clip of the cat dressed as a shark, on an automatic hoover.  It also involves a dog dressed as hammerhead shark and a duck.

What do you eat you’re sad?
FT: Marmite on toast.
ET: Hula Hoops.

What’s the most disturbing sound you’ve ever heard?
FT: My sister’s head cracking on a supermarket floor.
ET: Stepping on a dog’s foot.